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Ride Fair cover image

Ride Fair

A political fight to regulate Uber and Lyft in Toronto.

About the film

Three fearless community organizers with a history of standing up against big tech corporations, embark on an uphill political fight to regulate Uber and Lyft in Toronto so that these companies operate in the public interest, respecting communities, drivers and passengers.

Javier Lovera

Javier Lovera

Additional Cinematography
Juan Angel

Lawrence Jackman, Maria Todorov-Topouzov

David Dunlap, Elias Fuentes


About the Director

Javier Lovera profile image

Javier Lovera

Javier is a filmmaker and photographer exploring the intersection between technology and society. With a M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, he is an alumni of DOC Breakthrough Program, RIDM Talent Lab, and Hot Docs Deal Maker. Select clients include The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, FASHION Magazine, BMW, NIKE, and ROOTS.

Artist Statement

I first met Thorben and JJ through their involvement in #blocksidewalk, a citizen coalition that fought against Google's development of a "smart city" neighborhood in Toronto.

I've been inspired by their work ever since and admire their committed belief that a small group of independent citizens can build the critical mass necessary to successfully stand against powerful corporations that affect our livelihoods and our democracy.

I believe we are at a moment when our democracy is being challenged in a myriad of ways, both internally and externally, and we must reclaim it through civic engagement. I hope citizens of all ages find inspiration in Ridefair's work and become more active in their communities, fighting for their beliefs and ideals.

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