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​Hot Docs presents Citizen Minutes, a short doc collection highlighting ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things to make their communities better places. Meet bold and unlikely changemakers who inspire us to jump in and get involved in civic issues close to our homes and hearts.

Streaming across Canada on Crave and Hot Docs at Home.

Audience Feedback 

"The impact all of you are making will be felt for generations. Thank you so much for sharing these stories and bringing them to this medium so beautifully."


"The power of our voices cannot be denied. The most powerful solutions arise when we come together to support each other."

"So much influence can be made through storytelling, art, and film. Continuing toward goals and dreams is so important, especially when being told 'no.' Change can be made by anyone, at any age, identity, or social location."


"It is inspiring to see the difference one can make in others' lives with the courage to speak up and participate."


"Some of my take-away was that often times the work we do is not our own, but is part of a broader communal goal. I was especially moved by the way the filmmakers carried the stories of the community in pursuit of social justice. It can be a heavy weight to carried at times, and I thought the filmmakers carried that weight with grace."

The Films

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